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Catch SVP in Grazia today!


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Check us sparkling out on the MORE FASH LESS CASH! pages in this week’s Grazia.

Grazia love our iconic Bonbon rings v much and picked out stunning malachite, soft blue chalcedony and deep blue lapis to star in their weekly round up of the best fashion around.

Starting from £120, these gem colours look great stacked together for maximum impact or pared back for a softer luxe, too.

And with every SVP ring designed to fit every finger, it’s easy to change how you wear yours. Pick a finger, choose your outfit, or just change up a look from day to night.

So why not grab a copy of Grazia today and find the perfect outfit to go with SVP.

Who’s up for a flat white and time out? Thanks Grazia for our lovely spread.


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