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Archive | July, 2015

Legendary The Lady Magazine gets some SVP jewellery sparkle.

As July is the month for rubies, it’s fitting that our beautiful ruby Bonbon ring stars in The Lady magazine. One of our fab online stockists Laura Paul Jewellery helped make this happen – so thank you Laura! Written by Juanita Coulson, Pretty in Pink showcases timeless accessories next to garden-inspired prints. So before you […]

SVP Jewellery interviews fashion blogger Sinead Crowe.

SVP Jewellery and Sinead Crowe, the fashion blogger behind the site Love. Style. Mindfulness have been working together on our life-changing SVP Jewellery Change is Beautiful campaign. #ChangeisBeautiful is the SVP Jewellery approach to gift-giving. As we’re making positive change in the supply chain, we’re showcasing our gorgeous blue chalcedony Bonbon ring with its turquoise stone known […]

Who made my jewellery?

As a brand it’s not easy finding a supply chain that you trust. How do you really know what happens in a factory, or in a mine? How do you develop honest working relationships across continents and cultures? As the jewellery industry faces challenges with mines and workforces, we knew we had to start with […]