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Archive | April, 2018


The day I found a new gem: Bar Palladio in Jaipur.

I have been travelling to Jaipur for the past three years and I have always felt that what was missing was a great bar and restaurant. Yes, there’s Ramburgh Palace for ultimate opulence and a dozen other places around the city, as well as some fantastic local restaurants too, but for me I wanted  somewhere […]


We have lift off! Our new Moondance range has landed.

The SVP Moondance range has landed. Inspired by all things intergalactic the new range of SVP adjustable rings uses smooth polished round discs of pretty amazonite, rainbow moonstone, labradorite, blue lace agate and our very popular white striped black agate. Choose from sterling silver or 18 carat gold vermeil, mix and match or mis-match your […]