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Come take a look at SVP’s three new collections for 2019.


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SVP kicks the  January blues into touch with the launch of three new collections of adjustable rings.

Welcome to the Stellar collection that’s inspired by the cosmic universe.

Smooth 16mm round slices of Blue Sunstone, Black Quartz, Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone have been expertly cut. The  beautiful lightning bolt is set onto the SVP gemstones giving them a cool edgy vibe.

We have used Black Quartz for happiness, Blue Sunstone for power and courage, Labradorite for new adventures and Rainbow Moonstone for healing and clarity.

The SVP adjustable band means the rings will fit any finger. Switch around your fingers to create different looks depending on your mood, style and outfit.


Bella Lunar – the new imperfect beauty.

Bella Lunar taps into this seasons trend of imperfection using Dalmation Jasper, Jasper Kambaba, Howlite and Snowflake Black Obsidian. Smooth round 16mm discs show off these stones and the simplicity of the design makes them the new understated statement piece for 2019. The range is available in 18 carat gold vermeil and sterling silver set on our comfortable adjustable band.

Wear Dalmation Jasper and Jasper Kambaba for positivity, Howlite is great for keeping anxiety at bay and wear Snowflake Black Obsidian for positive energy.


Bella Lunar _Adjustable_Cocktail_Rings_Shop_Now

Infinity inspired by Escherian.

 Engraving is introduced with our brand new infinity range based on the incredible drawings by Escherian.

Sterling silver and 18 carat gold adjustable rings take on a new twist with oblong slices of gems set diagonally across our new Infinity design.

These rings are a statement on their own or can be worn stacked and banded with other Infinity rings and SVP ranges. The options are… endless.

SVP is keen to keep newness at the heart of the brand and 2019 will see seven more collections launch as well as a series of collaborations.



You can follow our journey on Instagram @svpjewellery

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