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SVP Rainbow Moonstone One Love Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring.

SVP_Jewellery_Box for Adjustable Rings
SVP_Jewellery_Box for Adjustable Rings
SVP_Jewellery_Box for Adjustable Rings
One Love Rainbow Moonstone adjustable ring
One Love Gold and silver adjustable SVP ring
One Love Gold and Silver adjustable Ring
One Love - a ring designed you
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In stock

In stock

SVP Rainbow Moonstone One Love Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring.

This ring is for you and has been designed by you. We ran a series of videos for you to choose everything from recycled metal to the gemstone, shape and size of the stone and you even named it too – One Love.

In the midst of the CoVid19 storm we all stopped to forget for a few minutes each day and to create something beautiful to lift our spirits. This ring is symbolic of this year, shining bright amongst the chaos and confusion CoVid19 has caused.

To make this ring even more special we will give 10% of each sale back to India to help the starving and migrant workers who have faced such devastation in this global pandemic. This little ring will ensure people get fed, see their families again and give you joy too, this will ensure it lives up to it’s name – One Love.

I have created a blog post for you to read your story and the process we went through to create this magical piece.

Shine bright with just one or max it out and stack together with other SVP adjustable rings.

How to size SVP adjustable rings.

Size is everything. To keep your SVP rings in tip top condition please use our ring sizer to size all our rings. You can shop the SVP ring sizer here.

Crystal Meaning.

Rainbow Moonstone – show me clarity.

Rainbow Moonstone is used for the healing 
of the heart and balance. It is good for meditation to help get insight and clarity about yourself.

If you’re at an emotional crossroads in life, Rainbow Moonstone can help to show you the way.

Chakra: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown.

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