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SVP White Striped Black Agate Rapture Midi Adjustable Ring

RTR02SOSS Rapture Midi White Striped Black Agate Sterling Silver SVP Ring



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Give your hands the rock star treatment with our sexy adjustable Rapture rings. Our lust worthy gemstones have been set in a scalloped bezel to give your hands a cool relaxed vibe. Mix and match with our Sunday Girl and Atomic ranges to create your own unique look.

Inspired by childhood memories spent in Africa surrounded by a melting pot of colours collided with the sounds of the 70’s, the Sunday Girl range conjurers up those magical times.

Crystal Meaning.

White Striped Black Agate — Support me.

This stone is for self control. It can give resilience, quiet power, invisibility and can help to give peace whilst staving away anxiety.

Black agate is considered to be a receiving stone and is used for calming, soothing, inward meditation and reflection. It’s also used to alleviate grief.

Chakra: Base and Earth.

In stock

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