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We’re on a quest to change the jewellery industry.

Welcome to Change is beautiful. In our world, it’s more than just a saying or a strapline. It’s more than a press campaign: it’s the way we are, how we operate and how we will continue to. Change comes from our ethical side – we only use recycled gold and silver – and change comes from how each piece of our jewellery is designed so you can wear it multiple ways.

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But change is built in to how we operate as a company.  We are changing how we deal with suppliers, agents and retailers, pushing boundaries for the good of everyone.

We do it so every piece of SVP Jewellery is intrinsically beautiful, not just beautiful to look at.

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Everywhere we work, from our hands to yours, beauty lies in doing things differently.

It’s why every SVP ring is built to transform. Change it up to suit the occasion, to match your fashion and your mood.

Transformative design calls for highly skilled craftspeople. SVP jewellery is designed and prototyped in the UK before being handcrafted in India by hugely talented jewellery makers with skills passed down over generations. We favour man over machine because it helps safeguard our jewellers so every piece has a story to tell. We’re pushing for a more ethical supply chain. One that shares our values and supports fair pay.

SVP world is about being fair, kind and ethical all the way through the line. We believe in taking care of our talented workforces, providing a safe place to work and pushing for more transparency across the whole supply chain..

It’s the people who believe they can change the world who are the ones who really make a difference. Welcome to SVP – change is beautiful.

See our journey to change here.